Excellence Society

“The best thing you can teach a child is the ability to self manage their own emotions. Those lessons will be put into practice everyday for the rest of their lives.”

-Evolv Brotherhood

What is the Excellence Society?

Our Excellence Society is a early education Social & Emotional Learning(SEL) curriculum. The curriculum was developed by Evolv Brotherhood, and Evolv’s academic director Jaime Gerding. Mrs. Gerding is Lead Principal at local elementary school Booker T Washington. In 2017 Principal Gerding partnered with Evolv Brotherhood and helped to design the early education curriculum. Evolv Brotherhood administers the curriculum as an oncampus program designed to enhance the emotional intelligence of young males. The program has proven to positively influence the behavior of students, and has improved academic achievement.

 Social & Emotional Learning

Modern research has found that Emotional Intelligence(EQ) is the most accurate predictor of future success in a child. EQ is the combination of self and social awareness. This is the ability to recognize ones own emotions as well as others. Social and Emotional Learning(SEL) is the process of developing skills to help self manage those emotions, and empathize with other peoples emotions. These skills are very important for building relationships, and becoming successful in life. 


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